Pakistan's First Eco-Sustainable City With Smart Progression The Most Desirable Place To Live In Pakistan!

As we continue to grow in a fast-changing world, it is inevitable that our path will be full of challenges. We welcome them. Our optimism is predicated upon our belief that a bright future is created in the present, with hard work, result-oriented actions, individual talent, and effective teamwork.

MIVIDA Pakistan is one of the emerging names in the Housing Societies of Pakistan with its unique ideas of Eco-Sustainability that meet Global Standards. We took Pride in developing state-of-the-art premium infrastructures and providing a luxurious lifestyle. We always set ourselves high in our commitment to innovation, reliability, cost-benefit, opportunity, and relevance in our work. MIVIDA Pakistan aims to create and deliver eco-sustainable urban development models that meet our traditional needs to experience a better living.

We profoundly appreciate your support for MIVIDA Pakistan in the pursuit of Smart Venture and look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Meinhardt Group

MIVIDA Pakistan Town Planners

Established since 1955 – presence in 51 offices worldwide with 4,500 employees – largest independent engineering consulting firm globally by revenue.

They are behind MIVIDA Pakistan’s engineering excellence in Master Planning, Urban Development, Environmentally Sustainable Design & Architecture, Interior Design, Civil & Structural Engineering, MEP, Transportation, Management, and the rest.

Eco-Sustainably Exclusive Lifestyle 100% Eco-sustainable and Luxurious Housing Investment made for today, ensured for generations to come.


Meinhardt has aspired for MIVIDA to make it an Emblem of Modern Age Development. https://meinhardtgroup.com


MIVIDA Pakistan contractor

Established since 1964, Banu Mukhtar is one of the leading construction groups of Pakistan. They are following the most modern internationally acceptable standards. With multiple reputable projects of national significance in their credit, quality and on-time project delivery are their hallmarks.

MIVIDA Pakistan, bein the first eco sustainable city of the country has joined hands with Banu Mukhtar as they are specialist in developing Eco Sustainable projects in Pakistan. https://banumukhtar.com/

MIVIDATeam Message

We feel proud to announce the coming-of-age MIVIDA Pakistan for you, the first Eco-sustainable City with Smart Progression, made possible through conceptual innovation and leadership, assuring long-term investment benefits and a safest, cleanest and greenest eco-friendly environment with maximum health safety features; a lifestyle that attempts at minimal wastage of natural and personal resources right up from design and construction stage.

We at MIVIDA Pakistan are truly proud to be able to fully provide such a lifestyle with high-end luxury and comfort, customized by the most experienced at our Project, at par with the most advanced in the world. It is no mean feat to present you with this yet-unimaginable, amazingly futuristic housing prospect; and we take pride in hailing you to come verify our claim.

We wish you the finest and the fullest Love of Life here at MIVIDA Pakistan.